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The equipment service department at Pepsi-Cola of Bristol is comprised of a highly experienced team of technicians, with over 168 years of combined employment here in Newburgh. We pride ourselves on being able to respond to customer needs with equipment of all types. We consistently cross-train our technicians so they, with the use of instantaneous dispatching and fully stocked service vehicles, can get our customers back in business as quickly as possible.

For prompt equipment service call (800) 767-7262 ext. 445.
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Pepsi-Cola of Bristol

Ready-to-Drink Tea FAQs

Teas are some of the world’s most culturally significant beverages, with tea ceremonies part of many cultures. Teas, in all their forms, are experiencing widespread popularity. This  ABA article on Ready to Drink Teas will answer some of the following questions:

How much caffeine is in tea?ABA-Article-on-Ready-to-drink-teas.png

Are there health benefits to drinking tea?

Does drinking tea aid in weight loss?

Do ready-to-drink teas have similar health benefits to a brewed tea?


 Sweetner FAQs

Many consumers use low-calorie sweeteners to enhance the taste of food and drinks, or they purchase products prepared with low-calorie sweeteners. Low-calorie sweeteners offer consumers options to help them with their lifestyle—whether to maintain weight, help manage diabetes or simply retain sweet taste without adding calories. Learn more and answer your questions from this ABA reference on Sweeteners:

ABA-on-Sweeteners-and-sugar-substitutes-article.pngAre sugar substitutes used in diet soft drinks and low-calorie beverages safe?

Do sugar substitutes increase the risk of cancer?

Can children consume soft drinks and other beverages containing sugar substitutes?





 Juice and Juice Drink FAQs

One hundred percent juice and juice drink producers, marketers, bottlers and distributors provide a bevy of products that do more than simply offer refreshment. Many of these products provide minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients and they also may bea source for certain vitamins and phytonutrients. This ABA reference on Juice and Juice Drinks answers these questions:

Are 100% juice drinks good for my health?ABA-on-Juices-and-juice-drinks-article.png

Can juice drinks promote weight loss?

Can 100% juices prevent heart disease?

Do 100% juice drinks contain a lot of sugar and calories?

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